Still Aiming for that Community of Readers

This year my priority is to encourage independent reading. We teachers can give students all the reading strategies, writing structures, and grammar rules we want, but aren’t students best served if we help them embark upon (or continue) a lifetime journey as readers? Many of us have good intentions when we give up on independent reading programs. After all, […]

Build a Community of Readers? Yes, Please!

My grade 7  PLC has joyfully embarked upon a reading journey with our students (see previous Book Love entry). What do I mean by that? Well, we are systematically putting the reading back into our English curriculum. This may sound like a no duh! kind of situation to some people, but not to us. Time […]

Book Love! New Ideas About Independent Reading

I’m about halfway through Book Love by Penny Kittle and it is giving me a lot of ideas about how I want to run my independent reading program next year. The introduction has some shocking research about young readers. I mean, we know these things, but it is still depressing: “All adolescents are reading less. There is a downward trend […]