Writing for Authentic Audiences #4: Blog Ahead!

What is a blog anyway? In a world of Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Google Sites, Wix, Weebly, Twitter and Pinterest, where do blogs fit in? Here’s my own working definition: A blog— Is written using web-based tools. Contains several entries organized in reverse chronological order. Is based on EITHER writer interests or some kind of central theme. […]

Upstanding Blog Update

Student blogs are in full swing! Under the collective title of Upstanding Bloggers, students have complete two blog entries. Here are links to my examples: Let Me Introduce Myself What Makes an Upstander? We have one more mandatory post: Who Is an Upstander? That is the biggie where students research and argue that that their  person is […]

Google Teacher Academy and What I Learned (Am Learning)

Last month I spent two days at the Google Teacher Academy  (GTA) held in Mountain View, California. I was nervous driving up to the fancy Google campus, and I admit I arrived way to early and thought way too much about what I was going to wear. It felt like I was a driving into […]