How to Create a Class Anthology with iBooks Author

This year I decided to try iBooks to publish student memoirs. Why iBooks? Here are some of my reasons: My school district will probably go 1:1 with iPads for students this year or next, so I wanted to practice using an iOS-specific app like iBooks. While you can only read the iBook version on an iPhone, […]

How to Create a Class Anthology with Google Slides

With the right formatting, a slide deck can have the look and feel of a simple e-book. I use Google slides because it allows collaboration and makes it extremely simple to publish  and share. First, create a template of master slides to share with students. Share the template. You can do this several ways: Post […]

Writing for Authentic Audiences #2: Class Anthology

This is the second post in a series about giving student writers opportunities to write for authentic audiences and purposes. In the last post I discussed the Open Mic strategy I learned from the South Coast Writing Project. In this post I’ll give you two ways to update the tried and true class anthology assignment. […]