An Incomplete List of OERs for Inquiry & Literacy

Popular OERs for Literacy and Inquiry

This blog has been on hiatus for a few months but I’m feeling inspiration strike again. My new goal is to create 1 – 2 posts each month, in order to keep my life reasonable, my new plan is to keep posts short and sweet.

I think the reason for the break was the fact that I am still a brand-new librarian (a year and a half and counting), and most days I don’t feel like I have any expertise to share. I have been working in education for 20+ years, but there are still so many ways to learn and grow. I’ll save list that for a different blog post…

Today I want to share something I’ve been working on for several years: A Working List of Open Education Resources for Inquiry & Literacy. I wrote “incomplete” in the title of this post because the list will never be complete. Besides the fact that new OERs are popping up all the time, they’ve been known to disappear as well. I’ve noticed that some platforms start out as free or mostly free, and then they gradually take a way the free content for paid versions—Newsela and No Red Ink, I’m thinking of you!

The list below compiles the Open Education Resources I’ve found to be most useful in my new job as a school librarian. I plan to share them at the upcoming California School Library Association (CSLA) Annual Conference. My session on blended and personalized learning is Saturday at 4pm.

What am I missing? Please respond in the comments or Tweet me at @amyjmcmillan if you think of an OER I’ve missed or if you have any experiences to share regarding the ones I’ve listed here.

Click to open Popular OERs in a new tab.

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