#IMMOOC Week 4 (Part 2): Three Ways to Empower Others

The second prompt for #IMMOOC Week 4 asks this question: What do you do to unleash the strengths of the people you serve?

I hope I empower the people I work with. That is my goal. Does this happen all the time? Probably, not, but when I think about times I’ve felt successful, it was usually because I did one (or more) of the things on the list below.

3 Ideas for Empowering Teachers and Students

  1. Be a Good Listener. I am a confirmed talkaholic so being a good listener is a challenge for me. I have to tell myself, “Amy, don’t talk. Listen.” And then, “Nope, don’t say anything. Keep listening.” I know listening is the number one most important thing when it comes to empowering people. When in doubt, ask questions and then be quiet. If you must, paraphrase what you heard, but resist inserting your own opinion until asked.
  2. Practice What You Preach. Don’t tell teachers to do what you aren’t willing to try yourself. Same things goes for students. In my English class, I always write with my students, even when I am so busy with other tasks that I am about to loose my marbles. If I have to cut something out, I will, but I don’t skip writing beside my students. How can they trust me if I am not willing to take risks and share my work the way I expect them to?
  3. Share. Teachers Give Teachers I honestly believe in being as transparent as possible with my teaching practice. I love the open  mindset behind the Creative Commons ShareAlike license and the Teachers Give Teachers platform at hyperdocs.co. My hope is that by sharing my own work, I might empower others to do the same. Ideas are contagious. Let’s continue the conversation together.

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