How to Create a Class Anthology with Google Slides

With the right formatting, a slide deck can have the look and feel of a simple e-book. I use Google slides because it allows collaboration and makes it extremely simple to publish  and share.

  • First, create a template of master slides to share with students.
  • Share the template. You can do this several ways: Post the link to a class website or LMS; get a short URL from or TinyURL and post in on the board; or share the template via Google Drive (only works if you know your students’ Google accounts).
  • Students make their own copies of the master in order to add writing and images. To make a copy, students open the template and login to their Google accounts. After they login, they select File and Make a copy. I direct students to title the copy according to our class protocol: Period# Last Name Assignment Title.
  • Finally, students share their finished slides with the teacher who copies them onto the main slide deck.
  • If you want to be extra snazzy, make a table of contents with links to individual student slides. Highlight the title of the piece, select Insert link and choose Slides in this presentation. I also like to make a button on each slide that links back to the table of contents.

Link to Google Slides E-Book Template–For your own copy, log in to your Google account (upper right corner) and select File and Make a copy. Your students will have to go through the same process.

Link to Digital Anthology Assignment (with Google Slides)

Screenshots From Class E-Book

Cover Page


Table of Contents (with Links to Student Work)


Student Writing (with Link to Table of Contents)



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