Teaching Writing by Teaching Thinking: UC Irvine Teachers Conference Part 2

My first post about the UCI Conference was all about Carol Jago’s keynote speech. I attended three other workshops that day: Carol Jago’s Everything Is an Argument: Jago’s second session offered many ideas for teachers who want to build students thinking “muscles” so they can better tackle argument writing. She also gave insight into the new AP […]

Who does better on Reading Tests? Readers! Thoughts from UCI Teachers Conference

Last week—wait was that only last week?—I drove down to UC Irvine to attend the UCI Conference for Teachers.  My general rule for evaluating one-day conferences or workshops is this: The time is well spent if I take away at least one great idea.  At UCI I got many. Carol Jago (@CarolJago), educator, author and NCTE past […]

Still Aiming for that Community of Readers

This year my priority is to encourage independent reading. We teachers can give students all the reading strategies, writing structures, and grammar rules we want, but aren’t students best served if we help them embark upon (or continue) a lifetime journey as readers? Many of us have good intentions when we give up on independent reading programs. After all, […]