Project Let’s Get Digital

IMG_1489I just finished my Google Teacher Academy Action Plan using Google Sites. It was a good process to go through right before school starts because It helped me outline the focus of my writing program. As always, teaching digital writing is challenging at the junior high level, but I’m committed to dealing with them. There is always something we can do.

I got some feedback from fellow Google Certified Teacher, Michelle Green. She suggests that I incorporate a “teacher roadmap” to help educators who are just starting the process of having kids write online. I love that idea and am working on adding that to my plan.

To read my full plan, go to the site Growing Digital Writers, or you can just read the following overview to get the gist:

My seventh grade English language arts class is going digital. This does not mean that every student has a mobile device or computer (they don’t).  Going digital means that our writing focus will be shaped by the essential digital skills students need to write in the 21st century. As the lead learner, I will grow alongside my students as we—

  • Identify and practice the standards of good digital citizenship.
  • Master an increasingly complex hierarchy of skills surrounding digital writing.
  • Demonstrate understanding of our own growth as digital writers.
  • Publish what we’ve learned to the school, our community, and the larger world.

The adventure starts this Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Project Let’s Get Digital

    • Thanks, Jane. It is work that I’ve been building on for the last four years. There’s always an added hurdle when the students are under thirteen (because they can’t actually open their own email accounts, and so on). Also, keeping kids safe online is a huge concern. It’s an adventure.

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