More on the Class E-Book: Best of the Writer’s Notebook

I figured out a plan for publication I think will work given our limited time and resources. And I am excited to try it. Basically, I am going to have students submit their final drafts to me via Google Docs or our learning management system (EDU 2.0). I am also encouraging original images—drawings or photographs (no student faces, of course) for students who want to earn an A. Going for the A grade encourages some to go a little above and beyond. Next, I’ll simply paste the submitted work onto my class e-book template. I know that is a bit tedious, but think of it this way: That is not half as bad as standing by the broken down copy machine making hundreds of paper documents for the old, spiral bound class anthologies. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Worried about student privacy, I put a lot of thought in how to publish the e-book. Finally, I came up with this idea: I’ll post the e-book on our learning management system, which is only viewable by students in my classes.   If they want their own copy, they simply need to open the e-book in Google Slides,  sign in to their Google accounts, press File, and Make a Copy. That way they can keep it and their work isn’t open on the web for everyone to see.

Here is the handout I plan to give students about the assignment: Best of the OpTIC Writer’s Notebook.*

* Click the link for more information on the OpTIC Writer’s Notebook. That was something my students worked on for homework throughout the year. The student writing had so much joy and heart that I wanted to have a forum for other people to read their work. I hate being their only reader.


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