Digital Plan Book with Evernote


Using Evernote to Lesson Plan with an iPad

 I have tried every planning system imaginable. I started with the apple-embossed teacher lesson planners from the local teacher store and eventually moved to the Palm Pilot (yes–I’m dating myself), iCal, Google Drive, and now, Evernote.

I’ve used Google Docs for the last couple of years and the major plus is that I can easily collaborate with colleagues. Now my school has switched to using iPads for most teacher functions and Google Drive does not work seamlessly with the iPad. Google allows users to create and edit basic text on the iPad, but you can’t edit any kind of table or chart.

My current solution is to use Evernote, which is designed to be mobile. I can see updated work on my iPad, my smart phone and my computer. It allows me to make tables–which is key to the way I lesson plan, and I can add images and hyperlinks. Evernote is not as collaborative as Google Docs (unless you pay for the premium version), but I can still send my colleagues my current drafts via email.

Document 1: Skeleton Outline of the Quarter

General Week by Week Breakdown

Tentatiive Week-by-week Breakdown

Document 2: Detailed Unit Plan

This is where I finalize plans for the unit and write my daily plans. I like it because I can link my Google Docs and Google Presentations. I can also attach my Word Documents and PDFs. It works as a binder and a lesson planner all in once.

Activity List with Attachments and Links

Summative Assessments and Standards

Summative Assessments and Standards

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.49.18 AM

Detailed daily Schedule


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